Thank You

Wow! I am still reeling from the AC5K this past Saturday. It was absolutely amazing. I can’t even tell you how amazing. If you were there, you know what I’m talking about! We had nearly 300 people sign up. Can you believe it?! I still can’t. I am extremely humbled and eternally grateful. To be amongst so many kind and generous people and to know that you all were there for me? It is a feeling I cannot explain. I am overwhelmed with emotion. Honestly, it all spilled over the day after. Every time I think of that day and all of your smiling faces and all of your kids’ smiling faces I can’t help but cry. It almost feels surreal. Like I was only a part of it and not the reason for it. I truly don’t know a way to say thank you that feels adequate. But I hope you all know that I am so, so thankful. I really, really am. I am thankful for all of the sponsors who donated your hard-earned money that made the event possible, as well as your time to attend and help on a Saturday. Thank you. I am thankful for everyone who donated even though many of you couldn’t even come to the event. Your donations are helping to relieve me of medical bills that have been causing me more stress than I can explain. Thank you. I am thankful for all of the participants who signed up. You really showed up for me. Like, really showed up. It was unreal seeing how many of you were there and ready to run (and walk 🙂 )Y’all made it so much fun. And you made me feel so loved. I tried to talk to as many of you as I could. I saw old friends. I met new ones. If I didn’t get to talk to you I’m so sorry. Please know I wanted to. I can never thank you enough, but thank you. Thank you to my family and friends who came all the way from Oregon, Indiana, Georgia…maybe other places that I’m forgetting! It is easy to take family for granted and assume that they will just be there when you need them. But you really are here for me and I know that and you’ve shown that and I will always be so grateful for each of you. Thank you. And finally, thank you to my group of friends (including husbands!) who helped make this event happen. You all put in countless hours and time away from your families to make sure that everything was perfect. And it was! I could have never imagined how perfect it turned out to be and it’s all because of y’all. Thank you. Phew! I’m crying again. I hope you all know how genuine I am.

Ok, moving on! So, as you all know I have been off of chemo for almost three months. I can’t even believe it! So in these past three months I have only been getting the targeted therapy drugs every three weeks. And although I’m so glad to be off the chemo and to have relief from the side effects that come with it, I have also been a little extra anxious because of fear that no chemo meant things might progress. And that would be bad. The goal is that I remain stable or *hopefully* things continue to shrink while only on the targeted therapy. And as each treatment has gone by, the anxiousness has gotten steadily worse. I had treatment last Friday before the AC5K and at each treatment they do bloodwork. I didn’t get my bloodwork back until Sunday evening so I was on-edge. It was in the back of my mind all weekend. I’m happy to report that based on my bloodwork everything remains stable! It has been a huge sigh of relief, for sure. It gives me hope that my scans will show the same or better news. Those are coming up on September 4th. Until then I will bask in the glory of good bloodwork.

Also, in the meantime, I will be attending the Breast Brunch Ever next weekend that is hosted by Making Strides Nashville and The American Cancer Society. If you haven’t already, go get tickets! It is going to be an amazing event with awesome speakers and lots of Survivors and Thrivers. I highly recommend it. And also, who doesn’t love a champagne brunch? Click HERE to toast with us!

I’ll check back in after scans. Love you all!

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