I Can Breathe

Three months no chemo. Only getting my targeted therapy drugs. These latest scans were a really, really big deal. And you know what? They came back great! Many cancerous places stayed stable and some spots on my liver even SHRUNK! I could not have asked for better results. The days leading up to the scans were anxiety-filled for sure. Again with no sleep and barely being able to eat. And waiting in my Oncologist’s office had my nerves on edge. But my scared tears turned into happy tears and I felt the world lift from my shoulders. I literally feel like I am breathing deeper. My oncologist told me after I stopped chemo that if there was any progression within six months that they considered the chemo to not have worked. So this first set of scans after only three months feels like a huge hurdle crossed. I will likely be just as nervous for the next set of scans in December, but I am definitely encouraged for good results and motivated to keep doing what I’m doing to take care of myself. Its a crazy ride that I never wanted to be on but I’m learning to deal. Now I plan to celebrate this win and live my best life for the next three months! And after that, too, but you know what I mean. Also, I’m approaching a year since diagnosis. Proof that life still happens when you feel like your world has crashed. I’ll check in then! This has been short but oh so sweet. Breathe with me!

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