Sweet Summertime

Hello again! I’ve been a little MIA because I’ve been traveling, hanging out with my family and friends and just enjoying my summer. Its felt so good! But I do want to give a brief update with what’s going on with me. So, here goes.

It has been about seven weeks since I last had chemotherapy. I’ve had two treatments of my targeted therapy drugs in that time. And I’ve gotta tell you, I’m starting to feel really good! I continued to workout all through chemo but I can absolutely start to tell a difference in my energy and endurance both at the gym and outside of the gym. Many days I used to go workout then come home and crash. It would wipe me out for the day. But not anymore! Its so great to be able to keep myself busy with all the things I want and need to be doing. Another reason I haven’t been very active on social media or blogs! I’ve actually been busy!

And y’all, my hair is really starting to grow! Its long enough to dye and even kind of style a tiny bit. Pretty exciting! Although now I’m really aching for some long hair. My eyebrows are almost all the way in, too! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my eyebrows throughout treatment that I’m feeling the pressure to keep my game strong. Thanks a lot! And my eyelashes are coming in great! In no time at all I think I’ll be able to transition from falsies to mascara. But I appreciate my newfound talent of applying lashes. If anyone needs some help, I got you.

But the most important update I have to share is my bloodwork. All of my numbers have continued to trend down even without the chemo! That has been absolutely amazing and has made me feel very hopeful. I’m still cautious, but it’s nice to be hopeful. And its nice to have proof that the targeted therapy drugs seem to be working at least for the time-being. One of the things I am most excited about is my tumor maker number. That number is an indication of the cancer in my entire body. Before I began treatment it was 82.9; it is considered in high range at 35. Pretty insane. But now its at an 8.5. That’s right! Its 8.5! It is very unlikely that it will ever be zero, but I’m pretty damn close and maybe as close as I’m ever gonna get. And I’ll take it.

I’ve continued to have ladies reach out to me who are getting mammograms and paying attention to their bodies because they have been following my story. And hats off to you. I’m so proud of all of you and I’m so humbled that I can be any influence. Y’all keep it up. And I’m always here to hold your hand or answer questions. Thank you for making this all mean something.

Ok, switching gears here. I’m gonna cover some Cancer Doesn’t Have Me 5K information. First, I am shocked at the response it has been getting! Thank you so much! We are nearing 150 participants! We have several sponsors who are helping make the 5K possible and I’m so grateful to all of you. If you (your company) would like to be a sponsor the deadline is July 22nd. We have three tiers of sponsorships you can choose from. We have the deadline so that we can make sure to have plenty of time to feature your (company) logo on the shirts. If you would like to participate in the 5K the deadline to sign up and be guaranteed a tee-shirt is August 5th. We will be accepting sign ups all the way up to race day and will be ordering extra tee-shirts to do our best to make sure everyone who signs up gets one, but if you want to be guaranteed just get signed up before August 5th. You can find all of the 5K information on my webpage under “Menu” dropdown and 5K. And it is going to be a fun, family-friendly event! We will have a kids’ race, backyard games, a balloon artist, Kona Ice truck and Southern Spoon Food Truck! We also have some pretty great prizes for those who cross the finish line first. Get signed up and join us! And thank you again for all of the continued support!

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