Bound to Happen

It was. But not to worry. I have faith that everything will be just fine. Here’s a brief update concerning the latest news about my cancer journey.

A few weeks ago I got my chest/abdomen/pelvis CT Scan and everything is stable! Great news! My meds are working and I’m tolerating them well. My Medical Oncologist even called me a “boring patient”. Probably the highest compliment one could get from her doctor…especially considering where I started. I feel pretty dialed in and honestly don’t think much about my living with Stage IV Breast Cancer anymore. I have so much more on my plate (as does every Mama) to keep me occupied.

But then came the Brain MRI. I had four new spots show up. Miniscule spots and not in critical areas, my Radiation Oncologist said. Are there non-critical spots in our brains? I feel like all my parts are critical but I’m no doctor. Anyway, he was not concerned enough to recommend radiation right away, but he did want to put my scans in front of the Tumor Board to get a consensus from other Oncologists. Together they all decided that it would be best to go ahead and radiate them now while they’re small. Lucky me. (Insert sarcasm.) Jokes aside, I do actually feel pretty lucky to have a wonderful team of doctors who take the time to focus on just me and come up with a plan that is best. And honestly I feel very calm about it all. My Radiation Oncologist warned me from the beginning that these random spots now and then were not only a possibility, but also fairly likely. It didn’t come as a shock, really. I just gotta keep rolling with it. Freaking out isn’t gonna help me. I used to always say that forward motion is the key to life. So, I’m gonna keep it moving.

I was supposed to have my radiation treatment today but, due to unforeseen circumstances, the machine was not working properly. After waiting about four hours at the doctors’ office in hopes they could get it up-and-running, they finally sent me home and rescheduled for tomorrow. They said they could do it today but it would probably be a lot of stopping and starting and would take much longer than it should. And quite frankly, I’d rather they get that thing in mint condition before they start zapping my brain with it. After all I’ve endured I’ll be damned if I let a faulty radiation machine take me out.

Like I said, this was bound to happen. I feel calm. I have faith that all will be well. But I wouldn’t mind if y’all keep the prayers coming. ❤

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